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Alidade Capital, LLC is a fund manager and registered investment adviser that has sponsored five closed-end funds, the focus of which has been on value-add real estate investments in select secondary geographic markets nationwide. Alidade Capital had regulatory AUM of approximately $688 million as of December 31, 2022. Alidade Capital completed raising its fifth value-add fund in December 2022.
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In 2010, co-Founders Mark Hammond, Geoff Langdon, and Steve Faliski raised Fund I as an investment vehicle to capitalize on their collective investment experience, identifying real estate market fragmentations with the potential for generating significant returns. Fund I successfully invested in a diversified pool of real estate assets weighted toward multifamily residential projects poised for re-positioning after the global financial crisis.

Following the initial success of Fund I, Alidade Capital launched Fund II. Combined with additional capital from Fund I, Fund II invested in a diversified pool of real estate assets weighted towards Industrial and R&D Flex properties in select markets. Investments capitalized on the resurgence in automotive and manufacturing industries in the markets identified by Alidade Capital.

Alidade Capital’s investment team identified further market fragmentations, exploiting market conditions and opportunities. Sensing the ability to acquire properties being artificially undervalued, Alidade Capital launched Fund III, weighted towards investments in R&D Flex properties in select markets. Fund III acquired many properties in secondary markets with what are believed to be strong underlying fundamentals. As with prior acquisitions, Alidade Capital was able to purchase what it believes to be highly desirable assets below replacement cost.

Fund III became fully invested in late 2016, having completed $169.8 million through the acquisition of 36 assets. Alidade Capital launched Fund IV in 2017. Fund IV employed the same investment philosophy as the prior funds, utilizing data driven research to target attractive opportunities throughout select secondary markets. In 2018, Alidade Capital successfully raised Fund IV, achieving its target of $150 million in equity.

Fund IV became fully invested in 2020, having completed $332.3 million in acquisitions that included 27 individual assets. The firm’s team of investment professionals will target geographic markets that are believed to have strong real estate, economic and demographic fundamentals, underscored by the resources necessary to attract high growth industry segments. Alidade Capital maintains its strategic focus on repositioning and creating value in the R&D Flex property category, including laboratory space, specifically targeting tenants in the technology and life sciences sectors.

Alidade Capital completed fundraising for Fund V in December 2022 after reaching its goal. Through the end of the year, the Fund V portfolio consists of 7 assets totaling $151.4 million in aggregate purchase prices and located in some of the firm’s most preferred Innovation Ecosystem geographies. Also prior to year-end, Alidade Capital sold the remaining assets in the Fund III portfolio and successfully closed out the fund. Going forward, the firm’s main priorities will be continuing to add value to and disposing of the Fund IV portfolio while simultaneously investing the remainder of Fund V’s capital into existing and new assets.

2010 year
Fund I & II - Orlando, FL
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Fund IV - Charlotte, NC
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Fund V – Orlando, FL

Mission Statement

  • Results.
  • Driven.
  • Forward.
  • Thinking.
We are performance oriented, individually
and as a company, and are continuously
measured against our competition.
We are self-starters, motivated from within
and focused on achieving performance which
generates positive outcomes for our investors.
We strive to advance in the face of challenges,
evaluating risk with a focus on the future.
We are thoughtful, creative and analytical in our
interactions, taking careful measure of the known
and unknown to make the best investment decisions.
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